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Summer Camp Needs Support: Drive to Thrive

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Did you know?

In the summer, students can lose academic gains made during the school year, accumulating from year to year. Further, more than 80% of children from economically disadvantaged families lose reading skills over the summer (Build the Foundation).

Summer learning programs offset learning loss and prepare youth for an easy transition into the next school year!

How can you help?

BGDCOC's Drive to Thrive Campaign

Youth from our summer camps experience opportunities to maintain and enhance their learning through science, math, reading, and yes-traditional summer fun- designed to create equity with their peers through learning gains.

Donate $60 for a youth to attend camp for one week. Donate $360 to send a youth to two 3-week summer sessions. Donate $500 to support the camp counselors.

Join with your community and help youth thrive over the summer and drive into the school year!

Donations for BGCDOC's Summer Camp Scholarship program are being accepted immediately through PayPal- HERE or by Check. Please notate your donation as "Summer Camp 2019." Your donation is tax deductible.

BGCDOC Mailing: PO Box 446 / Durham, NC / 27702

Tax ID: 56-6001906

Build the Foundation- https://buildthefoundation.org/issue/summer-learning/

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