Group Volunteer

Group Opportunities

Group opportunities vary and are flexible based on numbers, group preferences, and time of year.



Taking place at the Durham Club, building maintenance may involve trash pickup around the property, painting, reorganizing classrooms and storage closets, and deep cleaning.

Typically, groups that prefer building maintenance come during the morning hours or when children are not present.



Volunteer groups can either lead their own program or support existing programming. Examples include giving a presentation to a class about career options or possibly running a STEM experiment. Volunteer groups have also facilitated large parties with bounce houses and DJs. 

Groups can also aid our Program Leaders in programs they already have planned, such as Slime Day.



We love giving Club kids the opportunity to leave the Club and go on field trips. Groups of volunteers have often hosted them at their place of business (perfect for career exploration) or at retreat sites for outdoor activities. 

Our buses that can bring a maximum of 40 children plus staff to your selected location.